Gourmet Ranch Riches Slot – A Rich Farm Life

Based on the ever popular social media game, Gourmet Ranch Riches brings a whole new dimension to online slot games.

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There is something to be said about social media gaming and the frenzy that exists around it. These basic simulators where people can grow livestock and farm, make candy or dig for gold have become nothing less than a global phenomenon. For example, six weeks after Farmville was launched in 2009 it already had 10 million players. Only 12 months later that number grew to 80 million. The latest statistics from Facebook show that 250 million users play social media games every month. There is no question that social media games have a “winning recipe” so-to-speak and it continues to grow.

Why Play Gourmet Ranch Riches Slots Game?

It’s fun, it’s quirky and now it’s more than just a game people can play for enjoyment. Gourmet Ranch Riches is the online slot adaptation of the social media game that started more than just a frenzy of swapping recipes and growing crops. But what makes it really special is the way it will most likely change the way game developers approach slot games. Just like the original game the graphics are cartoon like and funny, but what you stand to win is much more than just a virtual recipe. In fact, it’s the kind of fun farming that can make you rich.

The game was developed by Wild Game Reserve, a division of Odobo, the first guys to bring this industry the HTML5 marketplace and developer program. Now they have utilized a game that is played constantly through mobile and desktop devices. The only difference now is that players can actually make some money while planting quality crops and gathering as much delicious recipes as possible.

The Look – Are you a fan of FarmVille-like farming simulation games?

Lovers of the original game should feel right at home once they start playing Gourmet Ranch Riches, because the look and feel is exactly the same as the original. The interface is very user friendly and you can expect to see the same silly cartoon graphics. It’s colorful, interesting and fun just to look at the game, not to mention playing it.


Gourmet Ranch Riches Slot Bonus Features

Just like the graphics and music, the gameplay is very basic and straightforward. The primary aim of course is to grow three of the same produce, but the special features are very closely related to this principle. Getting an adjacent three products will result in receiving free spins. It also provides the chance to increase the area of where you plant. With more land to plant on the bigger chance you have to win. When the entire field has been unlocked more free spins come your way.

The rewards for expanding the field doesn’t just unlock free spins. There are hidden treasures and bonus scatters for which you can hunt. In addition to making some nice money the player’s ultimate goal is to collect as many recipes as possible in order to become the best Gourmet Rancher out there.


For those who want to play on their mobile devices they simply have to download the app, while desktop users go the website of choice to give it try. Other small gameplay features a player might like is the auto-play button. By clicking it you can choose how many times the game should “spin” by itself.

Expert user review of Gourmet Ranch slot: Rated Awesome: A Social Gaming Slot that brings community buzz to casinos.


There is no doubt that Gourmet Ranch Riches will most likely reach a more diverse crowd compared to typical online slot games. It provides a simpler kind of pleasure everyone will love, whether you decide to play with actual money or if you just want to spend the million Pounds that come with the purely fun version.

Where to Play Gourmet Ranch Riches? Bonus Compatible Devices
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