Gourmet Ranch Riches – a Social Gaming Slot that brings community buzz to casinos


Social slot machine Gourmet Ranch Riches has reinterpreted the version of “Farmville” like games into a feature rich video slot with the addition of classic elements and characteristic of online slots machines.

Initially, the user has available a 3 x 3 field, which during the rotation of the coils will grow a variety of foods. Having grown in line three of the same product, the user gains a certain amount, which depends on the size of the bet.

Beautifully designed gameplay and well-made casino maths model

The game keeps the original meaning of the standard “gourmet ranch“, a favorite of fans of social networks. During passing different levels and the discovery of new lands the player gains access to new tools, new agricultural crops and new breeds of animals.


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At each new level, the player is given a new set of ingredients, recipes, and an improved design of the ranch. The new slot machine Gourmet Ranch Riches also have free spins feature.

Bonus spins are activated after the full development of all lands. Clocked up more than three Scatter symbols, the player gets access to free spins. The main task of gamblers is to collect as many recipes, and to obtain the title of best farmer.

Lead manager at Odobo (the developer of the game) Mark McGinley said that the Gourmet Ranch Riches slot is the best playground for millions of users. New fans will love unusual and original casino games.

Social Gaming breaking in to casinos?

Social gaming has taken off big time, with major casino game developers expending significant resources to bring the next generation of games to our screens. Question remains though: Is Social The Future of Online Gaming? We shall see…

Odobo’s “Gourmet Ranch Riches” which invites players to grow crops and create recipes, with outcomes affected by the player’s strategy. The slot’s uniqueness is to create a sense of community feel rewarding players for sharing their achievements. Many social games also have progressive jackpots, which grow each time the game is played by anyone

Don’t hesitate; grow yourself a fortune with Gourmet Ranch Riches the internet’s most original new social slot. Have a go at Gourmet Ranch Riches – Try your hand at farming, play this awesome video slot and  maybe have a go and harvest some $$$s or just milk a real cash cow? Enjoy!

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